No,you have to wait till the stipulated time you filled in the form,however there are exceptions.

Yes you can join Fingerprints Investment Club from anywhere in the world. Simply complete the online registration, then contact us to discus your specific investment needs
The money is majorly invested in Real Estate, Publishing of Wealth Creation Materials, Oil & Gas, Travel & Tour, and Seminar & Training.
No we are not a financial institution, we are not a bank. As earlier explained this is an investment club for those that want to earn a good return on their investment by investing in the club.
No, we are not a stock broking firm. Fingerprints Investment Club is a club that Common Sense Group arrange for those that want to get good return on their investment.
The club Chairman is Mr. Olumide Emmanuel The club Co-ordinator is Mr. Moses
The benefits of fingerprints investments clubs are as follows: You get up to 20% return per annum on your investment You go to sleep while your money works for you You become a millionaire with ease You get a free consultancy services from us.
To be a member of Fingerprints Investment Club you will need to complete the online registation, then pay a one time non-refundable membershipn fee. This is for registration and not part of your investment. Once this is completed and you have completed all necessary application forms, you make monthly commitments towards your investment depending on your chosen plans.

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