The rich think differently about money

There are 3 things you can do with your money. You can SPEND IT, WASTE IT or INVEST IT.

Poor people waste money. They throw parties with money they don't have to impress people they don't like and then repay the loan for months only to find a way to repeat the process again.

Average people spend money. They pay bills and bills and then more bills; only to discover 20years later they have achieved next to nothing with their lives but lived in a continuous cycle of earn it and spend it. Rich people on the other hand are investors. First they invest, then they spend what is left after investing. They have learnt to pay themselves first, they understand the need and urgency to make their money work for them and not work for money..

Waiting to have more to invest?

What if you don’t have a lot of money to invest? What if you’re living paycheck-to-paycheck?
No problem… Fingerprints club will teach you how to create a simple, profitable plans that will help you achieve the results you seek. Increasing your monthly income by as little as N5,000; and investing that money wisely using the wealth-building strategies we teach, can add more than N13m to your retirement plans.

For example, if you started 20years ago..

N5,000 invested every month at a cummulative annual returns of 20%/annum would have reached N13.39m
N7,000 invested under the same conditions would have grown to reach N18.67m under the same conditions
And N10,000 invested monthly under the same conditions would have grown to reach N26.88m under the same conditions

That's the power of small incremental changes!

To change your financial flight plan, create a colourful retirement future and achieve it all with peace of mind while simultaneously allowing your money to do all the work, does not require genuis. All it takes is financial planning, financial understanding and discipline.

Create your financial future. Start investing now!

Where Money Hides...

- Olumide Emmanuel

How It Works...


Choose An Investment Plan

Look through the various investment plans and select the one that is right for you.

Complete applications

Download the country specific application forms, complete and submit as appropriate

Send your investments

Send in your investments as pre-planned for the investment type you choose. This is all you have to do. The Fingerprints team takes over from here and works to deliver returns on your investments

Financial Literacy

The Fingerprints Club continuosly provides information and motivation as well as tips and opportunities through regular trainnings and events to help you grow and succeeed with your money.

Financial Planning

The club is structured in such a way that it becomes a vehichle to wealth and you only need to join us and ride with us. With as little as N10,000 a month, you can become a millionaire in 5years.

Financial Discipline

The by-laws are structured to help you achieve and maintain the financial discipline required for wealth creation. Patience, consistency and delayed gratification are essential ingredents in this discipline. The club guides you to develop these attributes.

As much as 30% ROI

Guaranteed returns on your investment of up to 30% ROI paid regardless of overall portfolio performance.

Multiple markets

Diversified investment portfolio that cuts across 8 business subsidiaries including real estates, oil & gas, publishing, tranining and seminars and more..

Performance track-record

A track-record of performance spanning over a decade and an excess of over a billion in investor payout..

Solid management

A solid team of business & financial experts cutting across an array of investment sectors.

Visibility & transparency

Over 10 business office locations in Lagos, Abuja, Portharcourt, Ibadan, Kwara, Ghana, London, USA and a culture of transparency

Peace of mind

Your invest with peace of mind with a guarantee of returns and you are not bothered with the details of running a regular business or monitoring an investment portfolio

A mind once expanded by a new idea, never returns to its original dimension

Create your financial future. Invest now!